[fa icon="plus-square"] Can we bring a guest?
Yes, every CarGurus President's Club inductee can invite one guest.  Your guest should be a spouse, significant other, sibling, or best friend.  It should be someone that is an important part of your life.  This should not be a co-worker at CarGurus.
[fa icon="plus-square"] When must we RSVP by?

All qualifiers will be notified through email with a link to register by January 19th. All registrations must be received by January 27th! Please make sure your registration is on time to secure your spot on the March trip.  

[fa icon="plus-square"] What are my flight details?

All flights are required to be booked through Executive Group Travel.  Please stay tuned on flight booking details to follow.

Executive Group Travel will manage the budget for each attendees flight.  Any flights that go over budget, you will be held responsible for the difference and can cover that through Executive Group Travel.

Please remember to fly into NAS (Lynden Pindling International Airport).


[fa icon="plus-square"] What is needed to travel to the Bahamas?

A passport is required to travel to The Bahamas, be sure yours is valid 6 months after you enter the country or through at least September 2023.

If you are traveling from outside of the US, please make sure to check your countries requirements to enter the Bahamas.

Covid-19 Information: Learn more about Bahamas travel policies here.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I come early or extend my trip?

We have limited amount of pre/post extensions.  The group room rate is $409 per night. Also, a mandatory additional $70.40 per night Resort Fee and a $20.63
Service Fee will be charged.  Please email info@executivegrouptravel.com to request any extensions at the SLS Baha Mar.

Once Executive Group Travel confirms your extension, you have 72 hours to cancel those nights. After 72 hours, any cancelled nights will be billed back to you through payroll.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How are airport transfers being handled?

Yes, CarGurus will be providing airport transfers for all attendees arriving and departing on group dates to and from the SLS Baha Mar.

For those arriving and departing outside group dates you will be on your own for airport transfers.  Taxi's are easy and safe to use, the ride to the hotel is only 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.


[fa icon="plus-square"] Is this hotel all-inclusive?

The hotel is not all-inclusive.  CarGurus has provided resort credit on your room account to help defray the cost of food and drinks throughout the trip.  Anything over the allotted credit will be your responsibility.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Is the on-site meeting required?

Yes the meeting is required for all CarGurus employees who are attending the trip!  Guests may enjoy their morning at leisure.  Please be on time.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Will CarGurus provide per diem or should we expense meals?

CarGurus will provide resort credit that you can use on property to help cover meals outside the group dining provided.  Please do not expense any additional food or beverage costs.  Any amount spent over the resort credit will be the individuals responsibility at check-out.


[fa icon="plus-square"] What happens if I don't spend my resort credit?
At the end of your trip, if there is a balance from the resort credit issued to you and your guest, please note that there isn't a cash payout option, the remaining balance will just go back to the company to invest towards future trips!
[fa icon="plus-square"] If the itinerary changes, how will I stay updated?

There will be two options.

1.  Download the Travefy app that Executive Group Travel sends you, it will be hard to survive this trip without it. It provides everything from hotel confirmation # to flight details to airport transfer information!

2.  The website will also have all updates posted before the event and during the event.